Dream Big

I don’t want you to think all I do is dream.  But as my wife will attest to I do dream a bit.  Tonight one of my favorite bands came to our little town in Idaho.  Ryan Shupe and the RubberBand.   My wife and I discovered them almost 10 years ago in Utah by chance as they opened for a country music concert we attended.    We took our family of 5 kids and one friend.   The second to last song they played was one of my favorite.  Titled of course “Dream Big”  With great lyrics such as “And when you dream, dream big, as big as the ocean blue”  and “cause when you dream it might come true”   You can check the song and video out below.

I noticed tonight for some reason many of us have forgotten how to dream or even have fun and let loose.  I mean good family fun and letting loose.  We seem to know how to get drunk and have fun. But we have become so shy or worried about what others think we refuse to get up and dance.  Why?  I loved seeing all the kids get up but even they took some encouragement.  There is something just incredible about kids and their no fear attitudes.  But again it seems as they grow older that fades.  What have we done to ourselves that we can’t just get up and dance in front of complete strangers?

My kids are actually pretty fearless in front of people.   I want them to hold on to that, to be able to be themselves when they feel the beat.  When they want to sing along and dance that they will just do it!    I was not very shy as a kid, but even I have moments of regret that I worried about what others thought and it prevented my from doing something I wanted to.

So continue to Dream Big – never be afraid of what other may think of you for doing so. Get up and dance. Try something new. Be you.

I would love any feedback on how you have been able help your kids in this area.

Enjoy the video and DREAM BIG! Thanks Ryan Shupe for reminding me.

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