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Dream Big

I don’t want you to think all I do is dream.  But as my wife will attest to I do dream a bit.  Tonight one of my favorite bands came to our little town in Idaho.  Ryan Shupe and the RubberBand.   My wife and I discovered them almost 10 years ago in Utah by chance as they opened for a country music concert we attended.    We took our family of 5 kids and one friend.   The second to last song they played was one of my favorite.  Titled of course “Dream Big”  With great lyrics such as “And when you dream, dream big, as big as the ocean blue”  and “cause when you dream it might come true”   You can check the song and video out below.

I noticed tonight for some reason many of us have forgotten how to dream or even have fun and let loose.  I mean good family fun and letting loose.  We seem to know how to get drunk and have fun. But we have become so shy or worried about what others think we refuse to get up and dance.  Why?  I loved seeing all the kids get up but even they took some encouragement.  There is something just incredible about kids and their no fear attitudes.  But again it seems as they grow older that fades.  What have we done to ourselves that we can’t just get up and dance in front of complete strangers?

My kids are actually pretty fearless in front of people.   I want them to hold on to that, to be able to be themselves when they feel the beat.  When they want to sing along and dance that they will just do it!    I was not very shy as a kid, but even I have moments of regret that I worried about what others thought and it prevented my from doing something I wanted to.

So continue to Dream Big – never be afraid of what other may think of you for doing so. Get up and dance. Try something new. Be you.

I would love any feedback on how you have been able help your kids in this area.

Enjoy the video and DREAM BIG! Thanks Ryan Shupe for reminding me.


We live in an old farm house. Partly renovated, partly crazy. It has been added onto a few times and for younger kids and friends who visit it is an adventure land.   Ghosts in the Graveyard is a favorite with numerous places to hide or be scared in a basement with rounded plaster walls and a maze of halls, rooms, closets, cupboards, dark places, string pull lights and spiders.    Outside there are many giant  trees of various kinds, making fall and bird- well bird poop,  my enemy.   One ‘not as windy as normal in Idaho’ sunny day, while standing in our backyard, I stated “We should build a tree house!”


To which one of my twins, who were sent in duplicate to remind me what a smart mouth kid I was, reacts  “Dad your such a dreamer.”   While it hurt a little, it has  since become one of many family insider jokes.   Here we go dad is dreaming again (eye roll).   Well another summer has gone by and still no tree house.   Unless you count some random boards that were placed carefully by my 7 year old and his best buddy in their attempt to fulfill a dream.  The used an upside down garbage can and some rope to get in the tree and started with a floor in some flimsy maple tree branches. Before it snowed, I decided I better get the nail filled old barn wood boards down, so the didn’t fall and impale a kid in the skull.  Dream defeated, maybe next summer.

Dreaming parents, is that a good thing?  I guess most of us wouldn’t have even become parents without dreaming a little.   Dreaming what our children would look like, act like, and become,  along with some really strong desires to get naked, I guess drove all parents to this spot.   Now,  dream fulfilling is what we invest so much of our time, money and efforts into. We desire to give our kids the good  experiences we had as kids, take away the bad, and often trying to give them better and more than we had.   It’s what drives and motivates us every day.  As a dreamer and ultimate optimist, I believe its ok to dream, even if sometimes a 9 year old calls you on it.   I need it, I really do, I need to dream.   Some do come true, some by chance, some by effort, many by working really hard.  Some stay a dream and that’s ok to.  Now where is my hammer……..